Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Action Alert: Lonoke County Quorum Court--1/21/2010

One premise of the Tea Party is that accountability of elected officials must exist at all levels--federal, state, and local.

Now is the time for all concerned citizens of Lonoke County to stand up and hold their elected officials accountable! District 13 Justice of the Peace Mark Edwards has informed the Lonoke County Republican Committee of a troublesome item on the agenda for this month's Quorum Court meeting.

It appears the County Judge and JP Larry Odom may have held private meetings to negotiate a deal for Lonoke County to purchase land owned by Odom. The Court plans to vote on an ordinance to allow this at this week's meeting!

Apparently, the ordinance will authorize the county to pay ~$40,000 per acre for land adjacent to a tract that recently sold for $25,000 per acre. Also, the Arkansas Highway Department may have plans to build a cloverleaf at the exit in the future. If so, AHD will be required to purchase the land at that time. If this deal goes through, the taxpayers of Lonoke County may be throwing their money away to line the pockets of a local politician.

Two other important issues on the agenda are $67,000 of money missing from the Sheriff's office and the recently reported "double-dipping" by elected officials in Lonoke County. Edwards says, "There are sweetheart deals being made in the county and what appears to be outright corruption going on by both Democrats in large part from our County Judge down as well as Larry Odom in our own party."

Ladies and gentlemen, the Tea Party exists to stop exactly this sort of thing! Please join us at the Quorum Court meeting to let your voice be heard.

Time:6:30 pm
Place:Courthouse Annex

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