Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stop Obamacare w/ Free Faxes to Legislators

Grassroots protests, town hall meetings, and even a Republican victory in one of the most Democrat Senate seats in the country have all failed to finish off today's great threat to the America we know and love. But the good folks at Citizens in Action are arming American voters for the next battle in this all out war for our way of life!

Though President Barack Hussein Obama has promised to listen to and incorporate opposition ideas with his planned government takeover of the US health care system, it's now becoming obvious his promises were nothing more than a feint intended to lull the US electorate into believing We the People had stopped him and his latest planned intrusion into our lives.

Obamacare is still very much alive, and moving.

Congressional Democrats and their unscrupulous Chicago gangster who leads them are once again promising to ram their Obamacare bill down our throats. Tomorrow, President Obama has promised to reveal his "compromise" plan which he says "will include the best parts" of the two different bills previously passed by the US House and Senate. Harry Reid promised yesterday he will pass this bill within 60 days using a parliamentary maneuver reserved for budget bills that will enable him to bypass a Republican filibuster.

The jackass party is abandoning one of the most essential ideals that led our founding fathers to break with England and form these United States. They are completely ignoring the unequivocal statement in the preamble of our Declaration of Independece that "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed..." Instead, Democrats are giving the American electorate the middle finger and telling voters, "We don’t give a damn what you want!”

Our last hope to stop this train wreck is to communicate to our elected Senators and Representatives they WILL lose in November if they stand with Obama and his henchmen against the American people! Citizens in Action has made it easy for everyone to do just that.

The organization has a free Fax Center (they do accept donations) that allows you to send up to three faxes on different matters to all your elected officials with a few simple clicks! Their latest fax (text below) demands our legislators refuse to go on ignoring OUR will, and refuse to vote with Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and President Obama to destroy our health care system.

Please click here to send your fax(es) today!

The text of the FREE health care fax CIA will send in your name can be read below:
TO: [Representatives’ names go here]

“All may be quiet on the Healthcare front”—making it appear that Obama’s Healthcare Reform legislation is stalled or even dead, but the American people are not fooled! We are well aware that the silence surrounding the reconciliation of the House and Senate versions of the Healthcare Reform bills and the talk of “bi-partisanship” is nothing more than a smoke screen designed to fool us into thinking our representatives are actually listening to us.

As for the healthcare “summit,” it is merely a propaganda tool and has nothing to do with creating a bipartisan solution. Furthermore, a “bipartisan solution” is meaningless unless both parties are listening to the citizenry. Currently, the representatives of both parties are doing a very poor job of listening to their constituents.

Perhaps you remember Speaker Pelosi’s comments that Healthcare legislation would be passed—even if it means, as she stated, “pole-vaulting in…” Senator Reid is busy “twisting arms” and making sweet “back-room” deals in order to change the minds of any would-be no votes. And now, as the Democrats have lost control of the 60th Senate vote, they are, once again, talking about employing the “Nuclear Option,” which would require only 52 votes to get Healthcare Reform passed. And you want us to believe you are actually listening to the American people?

As OUR elected representatives, we demand that you listen to us! WE elected you to office—NOT Obama, Pelosi, and Reid!

We do NOT want any part of the Healthcare Reform legislation currently being considered for reconciliation! We want the whole mess thrown out and started over from scratch!

You see—we are not stupid! We recognize the need for some type of Healthcare Reform…BUT, we want any Healthcare legislation to actually concern Health and Care…not PORK! We do not want the unconstitutional, government-controlled, mandatory Healthcare that is being considered. We DO want Healthcare Reform to address TORT Reform and the ability to buy insurance across state lines. We do NOT want our tax dollars used for abortion funding and we certainly do not want to provide coverage for illegal immigrants! These are just a few of the many issues we would like addressed when considering Healthcare Reform. We’ve been voicing our opinions concerning these issues and others for over a year now.

Except for the sneaky, manipulative moves of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, Healthcare legislation, as currently written, doesn’t appear to be going anywhere—so….

Isn’t it time to try something different and actually LISTEN TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? Don’t patronize Obama, Pelosi, and Reid “just because…” They WON”T be there for you when you need them in November—do the right thing and vote against Healthcare Reform reconciliation—and the American people WILL be there for you!

Thanks! And keep up the good fight!

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