Sunday, April 25, 2010

Crawford, Smith square off against Democrat rivals in Lonoke

On Thursday, April 22, all eight congressional candidates seeking to replace retiring Marion Berry in Arkansas' 1st District took the stage at a forum in Lonoke. The six Democrats and two Republican candidates were each given one minute to respond to questions posed by moderator Roby Brock.

The Lonoke County Republican Committee blog posted the following two videos of the GOP candidates' responses at the forum. Though the Tea Party of Lonoke County is non-partisan, we're reposting these videos so that voters can get to know these candidates.

Though we're not endorsing a candidate before the primary, the Tea Party of Lonoke County does plan to support the eventual Republican nominee in this congressional race for several reasons. First and foremost is the headlong plunge toward Socialism our country finds itself in since the 2008 election.

With heavy majorities in both houses of Congress and occupying the White House, Democrats have abandoned Obama's campaign pledges to govern from the center and steered a course to the hard left. His radical agenda can only be funded and implemented with complete control of both the Executive and Legislative branches. Therefore, we MUST do everything in our power to eliminate the Democrat majority in at least one house of Congress.

That means, in the 2010 elections, we must elect Republicans who will vote against Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. Remove her, and we remove the Socialist threat that will otherwise doom our nation.

We need ALL Tea Party members to vote in their Republican primaries. This is critical because we want to be certain to nominate someone sympathetic to our cause. We MUST vote in the GOP primary because we don't only need a Republican to win in November, we need a Tea Party Republican to win in November!

That will ONLY happen if we band together and MAKE it happen!

So choose the best of these two candidates, vote in your Republican primary on May 18, and let's take our country back!

Part I
Part II

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Hat Tip: Lonoke County Republican Committee

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