Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Candidates Attend AFP's Regulation Reality Tour in Cabot

On Tuesday, Americans for Prosperity stopped in Cabot along their Regulation Reality Tour. AFP is using the tour to educate voters to the danger of President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency's attempt to impose job killing taxes on American citizens through new regulations. Several candidates, for local and federal offices, were present.

Arkansas Director of AFP, Teresa Oelke introduces AFP President Tim Phillips

This new regulatory scheme was developed when Obama's infamous Cap & Trade stalled in the US Senate after scandals revealed the dishonesty and flaws in the arguments of scientists who earned their living researching Global Warming. As the alarmists evidence was shattered, the President's legislation ran out of gas in the US Senate.

Now our Socialist President who just effectively nationalized the US health care industry, and previously nationalized large portions of the US financial and auto industries, seeks to impose the same job-killing, tax-raising components of Cap & Trade through regulation instead of legislation.

The turn out was great for the middle of a work day in Cabot. Approximately 50-75 protesters came out to stand against this latest unconstitutional scam. Several running for office showed up to participate, protest, and promote their candidacies as well.

Two US Senate campaigns were represented. Republican Senate candidate Colonel Conrad Reynolds was there and one of his Republican primary challengers, Curtis Coleman was represented by his Scheduling and Press Contact Alex Reed. Reynolds is following the Regulation Reality Tour and visiting with voters at every stop. The retired US Army Colonel said he's making the rounds with AFP because "this is just another way the people of Arkansas are waking up to a government that is overreaching its bounds." Reed said Coleman wanted his campaign represented at the tour's stops because, as a small businessman, he'd "fought the EPA for seven years and spent $27 million navigating their duplicate bureaucracies and turf wars when all he wanted to do was make the world's food supply safe."

Colonel Conrad Reynolds (left) speaks with John Allison of the Tea Party of Lonoke County
Alex Reed (left) with Curtis Coleman's campaign speaks with Trent Eilts, candidate for Lonoke County JP, District 6

Several local Republican candidates were also present. Jack McNally, candidate for Lonoke County Tax Assessor, brought an American flag and worked the crowd telling voters what he hoped to accomplish when he replaces the incumbent double-dipping Democrat Jerry Adams. Chuck Graham, candidate for Lonoke County Prosecuting Attorney was also there listening to voters' concerns. (We thought we had a better picture of Chuck, but it looks like a rally-goer's arm was in the way when we snapped the picture. Sorry Chuck!)

Jack McNally (left),candidate for Lonoke County Tax Assessor visits with Col. Reynolds and another Lonoke County voter
Chuck Graham (center left), candidate for Lonoke County Prosecuting Attorney listens to voters' concerns

And both Republican candidates for Justice of the Peace District 6 were present. Incumbent District 6 JP Alexis Malham arrived with her sign, ready to protest. She also carried with her The Communist Manifest by Karl Marx, and pointed voters to sections in the book that show Obama and his Democrat henchmen are carrying us down the road mapped by Marx. Her Republican challenger, Trent Eilts was also present and spent his time hearing voters' concerns. http://hphotos-snc3.fbcdn.net/hs458.snc3/26193_379598049658_246614274658_3616714_5574610_n.jpg

JP District 6, Alexis Malham (left) with her protest sign
Trent Eilts (right) speaks with Alex Reed

The Regulation Reality Tour continues tomorrow en route to hit 14 Arkansas cities in two and a half days.

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