Monday, March 22, 2010

Rallies Tuesday against Obama/EPA power grab in Lonoke, Cabot, Beebe

Tomorrow, Americans for Prosperity will be making three stops in our area to inform voters of the dangers posed by the Obama administrations latest attempt to enslave the American people. Because the President has been unable to move Cap & Trade legislation in the US Senate, he's moving now to have his Environmental Protection Agency implement these job-killing, tax-increasing policies through regulation.

Our President showed no respect for the US Constitution when he strong-armed members of Congress to support his Socialist takeover of the US health care system, and now he's bypassing it and the Legislative Branch by regulating what he can't pass through legislation.

Checks and balances be damned! Obama is acting more like a dictator than an American President!

So join us to get informed and help us put the brakes on Obama's Socialist train!

UPDATE: GOP Senate candidate Colonel Conrad Reynolds has issued a press release stating he will be attending every one of these events. Kill two birds with one stone: 1) Get informed and 2) Get to know one of your US Senate candidates.

Tuesday, March 22

12:30pm-1:00pmLonokeRemington Gun Club
2592 Arkansas Hwy 15 N
2:00pm-2:30pm CabotKnight's Grocery
906 S. Pine Street
3:30pm-4:00pm BeebeKnight's Grocery
1701 W. Dewitt

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